A ridge vent is a type of roof vent installed at the peak, or ridge, of a sloped roof. Its primary function is to provide passive ventilation for the attic or roof space, allowing hot air and moisture to escape from the building.

Ridge vents are typically long, narrow openings or channels installed along the length of the roof ridge. They are covered with a protective cap or shroud to prevent water infiltration while allowing air to flow freely. Ridge vents work in conjunction with soffit vents or other types of intake vents installed along the eaves or overhangs of the roof. This creates a continuous flow of air through the attic or roof space, known as the “ventilation stack effect,” which helps regulate temperature and humidity levels, reduce the risk of moisture buildup, and prolong the life of the roof and building materials.

Ridge vents are considered a more effective and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional roof vents such as box vents or turbine vents, as they provide a sleek and unobtrusive appearance while maximizing ventilation efficiency. They are commonly used in residential and commercial construction to improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

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