Pool / Spa Inspection

If you are buying a home with a pool, a professional pool inspection is a must to avoid being responsible for potential costly pool repairs. A stand-alone home inspection does not include a pool inspection. Make sure you add on your pool inspection to avoid blind spots in your potential purchase of the property.

Causing a Splash

While a pool is a great addition to a home, the various components and pool equipment may have defects that may require costly repairs before making your purchase. Just like other systems in a home, pools require routine maintenance, and many homeowners neglect their systems. DILIGENT provides professional pool inspections with leading experts in the pool industry. 

What we Inspect:

The certified pool inspectors visually inspect the pool structure, decking, coping, tiles, lights, electrical equipment, visible above ground plumbing, fill valves, filters, skimmer baskets, valves, pumps, gauges and additional safety features such as proper fencing and other child safety concerns. 

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Sewer Camera Inspection

Don’t let broken pipes break the bank! We recommend all houses,  get a sewer camera inspection even if it is just a preventative measure! In this case, ignorance IS NOT bliss!

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