Termite Inspection

Termites can cause serious and lasting damage to a home. In middle Tennessee, the best preventative measure is a termite inspection with a certified termite letter. 

Long Term Residents

Termites infest around 600,000 homes in the United States every year and cause $40 billion dollars of damage around the globe, making them the most common home insect. Tennessee, and other southeastern states, are more prone to termite activity due to the regions humid climate. 

Humidity is not the only termite attractant. Moisture issues within and outside the house are also factors in a termite inspection. Leaking water pipes, improper lot drainage, and poorly ventilated crawlspaces all create moisture issues that attract termites. Dampwood and subterranean termites in particular thrive in humid environments. While Dampwood termites prefer water-damaged wood, subterranean termites are unable to live unless surrounded by enough moisture.  

Termite Letters

A DILIGENT termite inspection and certified letter will provide a clean bill of health for your home OR notify you if there is any active or inactive damage, evidence of previous treatment on the home, and where the damage is located. Termite letters may be required by lenders to approve certain types of loans. Termite letters are valid for 30 days after inspection in TN.

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