Crawlspace Consultation

In middle Tennessee’s humid climate, a poorly performing crawlspace can create an environment conducive to mold growth, wood decay, elevated radon presence, and the potential of additional contaminants to enter the interior of the home. A crawlspace consultation will provide an overall health report for the crawlspace, and provide a comprehensive guide to remediating any potential issues.

Why a Crawlspace Consultation?

If you are considering a crawlspace consultation, it is most likely that you have been notified of poor performance by a home inspector and/or contractor, or you are noticing evidence of crawlspace issues within the home, such as; musty smells in the house, mold growth around floor penetrations, water pooling on crawlspace floor, sloping floors, and more. It is fairly common for homeowners to be unaware of crawlspace issues because is not a regularly visited space and it can sometimes be difficult to access. The crawlspace is the foundation that your home is built on. If your crawlspace is flawed, then the rest of the home will likely develop symptoms as well. 

No More Guessing! 

In our experience, no two vented crawlspaces are the same. Each property has a different microclimate and ventilation can be affected by nearby plant life, lot grading, orientation of vents, the structures position on a plot of land, and more. A crawlspace consultation will help identify the current issues occurring within the crawlspace, the contributing factors to the poor performance of the crawlspace, and a comprehensive repair list to improve the health of the crawlspace and home.
Water entry, elevated humidity levels, condensation on ducting and plumbing, elevated moisture in framing, mold growth, wood decay, poor vapor barriers, inadequate ventilation, are all examples of issues found in crawlspaces across Tennessee. If you are concerned about what is happening beneath your home and want to take steps to repair the potential issues, a crawlspace consultation is a must.

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