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From Acting to Real Estate
w/ Shannon Surgener

The NAR Settlement is a Great Opportunity w/ Kevin Wilson

From Musician Business Manager to Realtor w/ Zach Opheim

Bring Value to the Marketplace w/Jonathan Harris

The Visibility of Development
w/ Joséphine Saffert

Being a Part of Your City’s Fabric
w/ Anna Altic

Creating a Concierge Service
w/ Steve Luther

Should You Be Part of the Association?
w/ Zach Opheim

The Power of Feedback
w/ Kaelin Evans

The Benefits of a Team

w/ Katie Morrell

Using Winter to Prepare
w/ Chris Grimes

Deep Dive into Affordable Housing
w/ Nathan Weinberg (PART 2)

Investing in Real Estate
w/ Nathan Weinberg (PART 1)

Design, Expression, and Community
w/ Josh Ellis

Bringing Joy to the Closing Table
w/ Madison White

From Lyrics to Listings
w/ Lila McCann

The Nuts & Bolts of Social Media
w/ Marie Lee

Utilizing Your Unique Background
w/ Amy Clithero Gill

Creating a Life of Efficiency
w/ Emily Daniel

The Business of Rental Properties
w/ Brandon Thornberry

Is The Brokerage Model Dead?
w/ Charlie Peterson

Adopting a CEO Mindset
w/ Zach Brickner

Business and Personal Branding
w/ Greg Pihs

The Value of Innovation
w/ Carey Ann Cyr

Failure is the Greatest Tool
w/ Joshua Ellis

Knowledge is a Treasure
w/ Jessica Randolph

The Power of Dedication
w/ Brandon Koechlin

Choosing a Different Path
w/ Marie Lee

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