Remediation in real estate refers to the process of addressing and resolving environmental issues or hazards on a property. These issues may include contamination from pollutants such as chemicals, asbestos, mold, lead paint, or other hazardous materials.

Remediation typically involves identifying the source and extent of the contamination through testing and assessment. Once the contamination is identified, remediation strategies are implemented to mitigate or remove the hazard. This may involve methods such as containment, removal, encapsulation, or treatment of the contaminants to ensure that they no longer pose a risk to human health or the environment.

Remediation is an important aspect of real estate transactions, as environmental issues can affect the value of a property and pose potential liabilities for property owners. Property buyers, sellers, and lenders often require environmental assessments and remediation as part of due diligence processes to ensure that properties are safe and compliant with regulations.

Successful remediation can restore the value and marketability of a property, allowing it to be used or sold without posing health or environmental risks.

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