Environmental Testing

Environmental Hazards are naturally occurring substances that are harmful us as building/home owners and occupants.  Toxic or high levels of any of these can lead to extreme short and long term health problems.  Most homes and building experience some levels of all of these hazards and should be inspected:

Mold Testing

  • Confirming the presence of mold, the type of mold as well as the extent of the contamination is crucial for proper remediation.  At Diligent we never deal in guess work and validate all of our findings through an objective testing process.

Radon Level Testing

  • Radon is found in high levels in homes throughout Middle Tennessee.  As such anyone considering purchasing a home should have a Radon test performed to determine the existing levels as well as the need for mitigation.  We also encourage current home owners to have testing performed to avoid long term exposure to Radon Gas.