Building Diagnostics

…an approach to energy savings that looks at the whole home.  solving tomorrow’s problems without breaking your pocketbook.

At DILIGENT, our energy consulting services are deep rooted in the belief  that one must take a scientific, holistic approach in order to understand the dynamic efficiency issues affecting buildings today.  Energy efficiency cannot exist in a vacuum and is part of a much larger picture.  Without a thorough understanding of all components of a structure as well as their interaction, there is a slim likelihood that we will be able to improve upon them.  With this in mind DILIGENT has created several options when it come to energy consulting:

Home Energy Snapshot

  • Visual, non-invasive, inspection using limited thermal imaging, walking through a 33 point inspection to create a customized Diligent Energy Score Card and Snapshot Report.

Full  Energy Audit

  • Blower door testing with full thermal imaging allowing you to see in real time the issues affecting your home.  Combustion appliance zone analysis complete with ventilation requirements.  Full color, graphical report complete with prioritized measure to maximize the efficiency of the home as well as potential return on investment.
If your needs are not met by above inspections please call to discuss the scope of your project.  Diligent can design and implement custom protocols to meet your needs.